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Cracked.Com on Crazy Cat Ladies

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I’ve been stretched to my limits the past couple of weeks, even though I have been spared the final grading stress and have skipped out on attendance at graduations and reunions. So, today, I really needed a laugh til you cry episode of crying, and, fortunately, Bruce greeted me with’s “8 Books That Prove Cat Lovers Are Insane” first thing this morning.

In my search for the genuine, it is good to be reminded that even the genuine can be far from helpful, and even the completely ersatz can be wonderfully whacky. In contemplating how to write about animals intelligently, it’s also great to have some examples of what not to do…. Except, except, they all seem to be having so much fun.

Don’t forget page 2. The wigs are to die for.

I just want you to know that this is not the kind of writing about pets I ever hope to do, much as I love it.